Spring Home Makeover

Spring is upon us again and it’s time to freshen up those weathered indoor – outdoor spaces. Just like the savvy owner of this beautifully designed Ron Goldman FAIA architectural home recently did.

We recently completed a renovation to the outdoor living spaces of this contemporary masterpiece, which is now polished and ready to shine for owner and guests. What better way to relax in style and take in the home’s breathtaking blue water views of the Santa Monica Bay.

With new Brazilian green slate pavers, meticulously placed over a state of the art waterproofing system complete with stainless steel flashings. A clear fir wood and glass handrail system, matched with clear tempered glass panels. Five coats of varnish were applied to the newly rebuilt railing system as well as the home’s oversized custom wood doors & windows.

And for added luster, a fresh coat of paint was applied to the smooth trowel stucco walls, and this architectural beauty is now primed to be the talk of the town!

Yet another fine example of how Kaneroy & Associates can transform your Southern California outdoor lifestyle and living spaces into a thing of beauty for the Spring, Summer and all the good years ahead!