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Quite the Canyon Contemporary Transformation

Originally built as a single-story fire house, this early 60’s landmark was built by local Corral Canyon legend "Ben Kennedy." His concept was to lure the LA County Fire Department into the structure.  Soon after learning that the LAFD had changed course, Ben added a second level, transforming it into a residential space complete with a rental unit, which would serve him well for the next 50 years. 

In late 2005, the new owner took on a comprehensive remodel project which reworked the floor plan to capture some of the 1st level storage area into the living space above. After gutting the structure, we implemented the new layout. Then we installed new mechanical systems, millwork & oak strip flooring, along with some 60’s modern architectural cues, which transformed the space into a bright, airy, loft-style home.


Mid-Century on Bonsall

Corral Modern

Serra Retreat: Retro Update